Janome Sewing Machines Buyers Guide

Still not sure on which Janome sewing machine to buy? It can be a difficult decision, even more so if it's your first sewing machine. Luckily, Janome has come up with a guide to help you make that difficult decision called the 'Sewing Machine Buyers Guide'.

Janome Sewing Machines Buyers Guide
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The Janome Sewing Machine Buyers guide gives you the benefits of buying a Janome sewing machine, the difference between the types of machines and highlights machines that you should take a look at. It also shows you around the more complicated machines, to give you a better insight.

Janome has been making sewing machines forever. Over 100 years makes Janome a well respected and trusted brand. Buy with confidence today and please get in touch if you need any questions or need any more information on the sewing machines. As official Janome sewing machine stockists, we are happy to help.


There are 6 main types of sewing machine so read on to find out which type will work best for what you need.


Mechanical Sewing Machines

Mechanical/Standard sewing machines are basic entry level models with limited features and stitches but depending on your intended use they can be just what you need.  They’ll sew most light to medium weight fabrics and because of their construction they are robust.

There are 2 types of bobbin systems used for mechanical models; a front loading system where the bobbin is inserted into a bobbin case and then slotted into an opening at the front of the arm of the machine and a top loading full rotary hook system for an easy jam proof operation.


Computerised Sewing Machines

Suitable for both beginners and more experienced sewists, these are versatile machines with added features to make sewing easier. With more precise control and greater needle penetration power there are often worth the extra cost over a mechanical machine.


210 Larger Arm Space Sewing Machines

Take your sewing to a whole new level with a computerised larger arm space model! These machines are perfect for those who need all the best and easiest computerised functions plus additional arm space for larger projects.


Long Arm Quilting Machines

The long arm range have all the features you’ll need as a dressmaker, a quilter or even if you simply love sewing! Choose the free-arm MC9450 QDC or a flat bed model like the MC6700P where you have space, speed and stability. The ultimate Continental M7P flat bed model has all you’ll ever need in a sewing machine with 343mm arm space to the right of the needle and a speed of up to 1300SPM.


Computerised Sewing and Embroidery Machines

These top of the range combined sewing and automatic embroidery models are top of the range! Loaded with features these machines are also able to stitch out pre-programmed embroidery designs, perfect for personalising your sewing.


Overlocker Machines

Professionally finish projects inside and out on even the finest stretch knits and speciality fabrics!

The main benefit of an overlocker is that it can sew a seam, finish the edge and trim off the excess fabric all in one step. Unlike sewing machines, overlockers cannot sew buttonholes or zips.