Pre-order Janome


After the difficult year the world has had to endure, it has had a knock on effect from everything from product raw materials to delays at the ports to bring the finished products into the country. With Janome sewing machines, unfortunately there is no exception.

With delays expected to last until the end of the year we wanted to help guide you to our stock availability and delivery times. That's why we have now introduced a pre-order system for all of our Janome sewing machines. You will now be able to pre-order Janome sewing machines to guarantee you are first in line once stock becomes available.


Janome Pre-Order Guide

You can see from our Janome Store page that some have a label with pre-order on them.


Pre-order Janome Sewing Machine


If you click through to that product it will tell you when we are expecting delivery, then you can go ahead and pre-order your Janome sewing machine. 

Pre-order date for Janome Sewing Machines


We understand the frustration of not having some the sewing machines in stock, but all stockists of Janome products are having the same issue. During the pandemic, sewing machine popularity rose and manufacturers couldn't keep up with demand. That mixed with the previous issues mentioned at the start fo this article, has resulted in delays of new stock.

We endeavour to let you know as soon as possible once the Janome Stock hits our shelves!